• 2019/04/02 La Grind '19 - Gravel event
    • La Grind is a three day (3rd -5th May 2019) supported gravel stage race in Emporia, Ks (United States), spearheaded by Challenge. All of the profit from the race will go to a non-profit mission, Handlebars of Hope, which brings much needed support to the communities we serve in USA and in Mexico.


      New for 2019:

      - three days of racing for A Class including a solo time trial on Friday

      - guaranteed minimum payout  7000$

      - addition of course abandonment support to go along with on course nutrition and hydration support

      Day 1 Friday

      The first day of racing will be a 6 mile time trial course that will be flat and fast. The course will consist of many iconic gravel roads. Day 1 will start and stop in Olpe, Ks (10 miles south of Emporia).

      Finish Line - Mile 6

      Elevation Gain- 110 ft


      Day 2 Saturday

      The second day of racing will include an 89 mile course that will be difficult enough to challenge even the most experienced riders. The course will consist of many iconic gravel roads. Day 2 will have two neutral water stops to provide you with enough water and nutrition to make it through the day.

      SAG #1 Support - Mile 25.4

      SAG Support #2 - Mile 63.7

      Finish Line - Mile 89.3

      Elevation Gain- 2694 ft


      Day 3 Sunday

      The third day of racing will be a course with consistent rolling hills to keep you pushing all day. Don't let the lack of elevation change fool you into thinking this is a flat day!

      Water Support - Mile 12

      SAG Support - Mile 23.8

      Water Support - Mile 42

      Finish Line - Mile 59.0

      Elevation Gain - 1408 ft

      For more info, visit "La Grind '19" on the official website: