• 2012/11/12 Logan Owen goes double in Louisville!
    • Logan Owen goes double in Louisville! Logan Owen goes double in Louisville! Logan Owen goes double in Louisville!

      The young powerhouse Logan Owen asserted his dominance once again in Louisville, KY by taking the win both days of the Derby City Cup.

      The seven-time and reigning national champion's win for Redline was so convincing that when he crossed the line, the announcers joked that they were now using their sun dial to measure the time gap to second place.

      Owen missed the wholeshot by one wheel, but quickly made his way to first position. By the top of the first run-up he had already put time into the field.

      Eight seconds separated Owen from second place as they ran the limestone steps, about halfway through the first lap.

      After a crash in the beginning of Saturday's race had him working his way through the entire field for his win, Owen was looking for a clean race on Sunday.

      “I basically led from start to finish,” Owen recalled. “So I would say it was much better than Saturday.”

      By the bell lap, Curtis White of Hot Tubes Development Cycling wasn't even in sight of the start/finish.

      White once again came in second to the 17-year-old in the junior race, 39 seconds off the pace. Clif Bar rider Maxx Chance took the third podium slot on the day.

      The course was substantially more challenging than it had been Saturday, with gusting wind and directional changes that routed the course the opposite direction through the long Clif Bar Sand Land sand pit. Owen comfortably rode the sand, now with an uphill run into it, while most dismounted and ran.