• 2012/11/06 Product Testimonial: Challenge Grifo Tires
    • Product Testimonial: Challenge Grifo Tires

      Every racer out there probably has some sponsor’s name printed somewhere on his jersey, right? Well, we here at HalfWheelHell think it’s time to let you all spread the love about your sponsors. So instead of us trying to do “product reviews,” we’ll let y’all do “product testimonials.” Sure, you’re biased. But so are we! We love the companies who love cyclists and there’s no better way to show the love than to let racers tell the world about their great sponsors. This week we hear from Greg Wittwer, who races for Bob’s Red Mill Cyclocross Team. Here’s what he loves about one of his sponsors…

      Challenge tires have saved the Bob’s Redmill Cyclocross Team many hours of sleep so far this season. You can relax the night before race day knowing you have a fleet of challenge tires on your wheels. They make a “tried and true” tread pattern for all conditions from a dry fast course to everyone’s favorite slippery sloppy mud conditions. Think about it! You can have the most expensive frame and gruppo, but your tires are the only part of your bike that touch the ground. Luckily at Bob’s Red Mill we ride the best.

      The biggest change in Challenge tires is the width. With the introduction of the 33mm tire this year, the talk amongst the team is how much more comfortable and confident we feel. At races, the first questions we ask are, “what tires and what tire pressure are you thinking today?” The go-to tire so far this year has been the Grifo 33. The Grifo floats over grass and dirt, provides enough grip on dry tight turns and steep uphills and holds up in wet weather. I personally run the rear tire in the reverse tread pattern for more grip and acceleration out of turns. If you only have one set of tubulars to glue, choose the Grifo 33. The Limus, however, is a MUD GAME CHANGER! It’s as if there are little hands sticking out of the tire grabbing onto the ground keeping you up right. In 15 years of racing cyclocross I have never had a tire that performs so well in wet sloppy to thick peanut butter mud like the Limus.

      You can even mix and match the tires for a more finely tuned race bike. Are you facing a fast course? Run a file tread Grifo XS in the rear and a Grifo 33 in the front for extra traction in the turns. The USGP of Fort Collins turned into a mud fest after a freak rain storm. I chose a Limus 33 in the front with a Grifo 33 in the rear. I was drifting through the turns at speed with poise and was still able to maintain high race speed on the straights. Bob’s Red Mill Cyclocross Team may never agree on the best way to glue a tubular, but we all agree that when gluing a tire it has to be a Challenge tire.