• 2011/12/19 NEW FANGO 33
    • NEW FANGO 33

       The new Fango has several updates starting from the casing that is more supple due to new construction and the upgrade to 300TPI. The casing is therefore more flexible increasing Grip and Comfort. The size has also changed increasing air volume and adopting the new UCI rules for max 33mm section. Labels have changes with the new pressure indication 1.6 Bar – 24 PSI  to 4 Bar 58 PSI. These are the suggested pressures and used by the pros. Higher pressure can be used.

      Pattern has also had a minor change with knobs heights increased to 3mm for more grip and traction in the mud and rough surfaces.

      Knob height change is more visible in the lateral and intermediate knob. The centre knob is a fraction taller.

      Fango is and intermediate hard pack-light mud surface whilst the new Limus is designed for pure mud and soft pack surfaces.

      The Extreme big knobs of the Limus with knobs height of 3.2 and the original shape and placement of the knobs give constant traction in these terrains.

      Limus adopts the same casing and size as the New Fango.