• 2019/01/21 Penultimate World Cup – Pontchateau
    • Penultimate World Cup – Pontchateau Penultimate World Cup – Pontchateau

      Penultimate World Cup – Pontchateau


      With only 2 weeks until the World Championships the World Cup series moved to France.  With several key riders missing the race and choosing to head to warmer locations there could have been an opportunity for new names to steel the limelight.

      In the first race of the day, Thibau Nys took his first ever World Cup victory, in his first season in the Junior category.  Showing his skills in a pre-race video Thibau looked confident all weekend and firmly put himself in the group of favourites for the World Championships in Bogenese.


      In the under 23 race Tom Pidcock powered to another victory to take not only the win on the day but also the overall series victory.  Tomás Kopecky took 4th place and Eli Iserbyt finished 5th


      The Women’s Elite race was dominated by the Dutch train is extremely fast conditions, but Ellen van Loy continued her comeback from a nasty fall in December to take 5th place.  Manon Bakker took 20th place but in doing so was 4th u23 rider on the day. 


      With no MvdP, it was a tight battle at the front.  Francis Mourey took 16th place in her last home World Cup before he finishes his great career.  Michael Boros was 22st and Steve Chainel 28th.


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