• 2018/09/19 5 Questions with Maghalie Rochette
    • 5 Questions with Maghalie Rochette

      5 Questions with Maghalie Rochette


      The 2018 Season has started with a bang; new team, new goals, new equipment.  What do you think has been the most important change you’ve made this summer?


      3 things come to mind. First thing is that I had a concussion midway through July, which put an end to my MTB season quicker than I had hoped. This led me to change number 2 and 3… I wasn’t able to train properly due to the concussion, so I decided to take a real break, which I never do in the summer. Instead of being too bummed, I saw this as a great opportunity to focus on CX season, which made me realize that cross is what I really wanted to do and what I was most passionate about. 


      Finally, because I couldn’t train in that concussion period, I start meditating…and I kept at it! I believe this is really helping me to keep my calm and my focus during trainings and races, and it’s making a huger difference for me. 

      You last used Challenge Tires 5 years ago, what have been your first impressions of them and what motivated the change? 


      Getting back to Challenge Tires reminded me how flexible they are and how much traction that gives you in tricky corners and off camber sections. They are also ultra solid…I cracked a wheel hitting my rim really hard, but the tire never lost a PSI. It’s great to have confidence in your equipment and the move back to Challenge was motivated by that. 


      Without giving too much away, what is your biggest goal of the season?


      It will be my first time following the World Cup circuit and spending that much time racing in Europe (From mid-November until World Championships). My goal with that is to gain experience and improve by facing the toughest courses and toughest competition as often as possible. I’m hoping to have a consistent season with strong performances. I also really want to get the National Championship title back, and of course, Worlds will be a big target.


      The 2018/19 season will see you going to Europe a lot more than previously.  Are you looking forward to the challenge and do you feel it’s now an essential thing to do to reach the top?


      Yes, I will be going to Europe a lot more. I’ve been 3 times in Europe for cyclocross, but never more than 3 weeks at time. Now, I will be there for 3 months. A part of me is a bit anxious about it, but I am also very, very excited about the challenge and opportunity. I truly believe this is what I need to reach the next level. It is very different than the racing we have in the US, and it’s always a bit of a shock when you arrive there. I feel that by being in Europe for a longer period will teach me the necessary skills I need to perform more consistently on the World Stage. I’m also looking forward to doing all these iconic races I see on TV!! 


      On a different note, Europe is where the sport is the biggest now. People watch cyclocross races there and the sport is really professional. The big European races even have coverage for our North American fans to watch from home which is super important for us as athletes. I know friends and fans from home are excited when they get to watch you race the best in the world on iconic race courses. If they know you, they feel like they are a part of the adventure. I believe this is a win-win situation for the sponsors, North American or Europeans. 

      Are there any events around the world you’ve been to that stand out, and if so why?   And also is there a particular event that you’ve never been to that’s on your ‘must do’ list?


      The World Championships always stand out for me. either on the MTB or in CX, I think it is often the biggest stage and there is always a lot of excitement and energy surrounding these events. I always feel proud to take part in those and they are always a big goal of mine. Now, there are a lot of events that are on my must do list….Christmas CX Week in Belgium, some of the DVV Trofee and Superprestige series are all on that list. Those events seem very prestigious for someone in Canada. I’m excited to tick a few boxes off my must do list this year! 




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