• 2018/09/13 5 Questions with Elle Anderson
    • 5 Questions with Elle Anderson 5 Questions with Elle Anderson 5 Questions with Elle Anderson

      5 Questions with Elle Anderson


      The 2017/18 season went really well for you. What’s new for 2018/19 and when is the first race?


      The biggest news is that I left my desk job in March and since then I have been a full-time athlete. I also relocated to Belgium year-round, instead of switching between Belgium and San Francisco, California. My first summer spent in Europe was great - I got to travel to some spectacular spots for training like Mallorca, the Pyrenees and the Ardennes. I was able to spend time in the gym working on power and core stability, and I also dedicated time to technical skills on the bike like jumping, hopping, and cornering. Another highlight was racing on the road in Belgium, which has been on my bucket list for a long time. My first races of the season will be in Waterloo, Wisconsin at the Trek Cup UCI C2 and World Cup.


      Without giving too much away, what is your biggest goal of the season?


      Since I’ve been able to invest much more in my training and recovery this summer, I’m even more motivated to race and improve my results. I hope to get on the podium wherever possible in Belgian cyclocross races, to break into the top 10 in World Cups, and target a repeat top-10 at World Championships.


      You’re full time on the bike now for the first time in your career. What’s been the biggest change for you and how have you adapted to life as an adopted European?


      Safe to say, the last 6 months have been a much bigger transition than I expected. The toughest parts have been finding the support of new friends and a new cycling community, and learning to better handle the pressure when cycling is my only occupation. I just had to stay patient with the process, and no matter how frustrated or lonely I felt over the summer, I knew that it would get better as long as I worked hard to settle in and grow roots in my new home.


      Do you have a pre-race playlist and can you let us know a song on there?


      I’m big into Spotify and I usually listen to my favorite Spotify playlist “Alternative Beats” to get me fired up to race.


      You’ve been using Challenge Tires for some time now. What are your impressions of the range and which tread is your go to option?


      I’ve had the privilege of riding Challenge for the last 4 seasons and couldn’t be happier with both the products and the people behind the products. The best part is showing up to race with full confidence that I have the right tires for any course conditions. I love traveling to a race and wondering…will it be a Limus day, Grifo day, or Dunes day? To be honest, it’s really hard to pick my favorite, as each tire tread matches up to the best sensations I feel when racing ‘cross. The Limus is synonymous with my favorite muddy race days, the Grifo begs for those perfect tacky corners and mixed conditions, and the Dunes mean either soul-sucking sand or blistering fast racing. So, don’t make me choose one as all three are my favorite treads!