• 2017/10/06 Sven & Thibau Nys partner with Challenge Handmade Tires!
    • Sven & Thibau Nys partner with Challenge Handmade Tires! Sven & Thibau Nys partner with Challenge Handmade Tires!

      Sven & Thibau Nys partner with Challenge



      Sven Nys sent Challenge a message a couple months ago stating he was interested to talk about having himself and his son Thibau work with Challenge Handmade Tires. Wow, Sven Nys!


      He has: 300 career Cyclocross victories and 150 Elite Cyclocross wins; 60 Super Prestige victories and 13 Super Prestige Trophies; 55 World Cup victories and 6 World Cup Trophies; 9-time Belgian Champion and two-time World Champion over a 17-year career. In Mountain Bike he is 5-time Belgian Champion and twice Olympian. Straight shooter. Cyclocross legend. Wow, Sven Nys!


      Thibau Nys, BMX. Freestyle. He jumps into Cyclocross as a 15-year-old and wins the 15-16 Belgian Championships. He and Sven each have their own reality TV shows.

      Wow, Thibau & Sven “Kardashian” Nys!


      We call Sven for the first time without ever a face-to-face meeting and are immediately impressed by his sincerity and simple stories. He likes our product. He has seen us consistently grow and improve. He rode his whole career with our most respected competitor’s product and never considered making a change. Wow, Sven Nys!


      Now Sven owns the Telenet-Fidea team we had supported for a few years, so he borrows a few tires and feels the improvements and sees the attention to detail. He certainly notices that the Challenge Team Edition S and the Setaextra Silks are something truly special. He sees our global reach and consistent story at all price points. He sees us building momentum for special product for the next generation – his son’s generation.


      Alex, the Challenge boss, loves to listen and learn and play with new product ideas:

      build samples for champions to test ride and us improve some more.

      Sven Nys’ 360° experience will complement the work we already do with Helen Wyman, Ellen Van Loy, Toon and Thijs Aerts... just to mention a few.


      Between Iowa City and Trek World Cup races we create a contract that sets a base for going forward with the understanding for a broader partnership than merely your usual sponsorship agreement. Sven and Alex sign in the Challenge tent alongside Sven’s Telenet-Fidea stars and long-time Challenge athletes Ellen Van Loy and Toon Aerts.



      Sven & Thibau, proud to welcome you to the family!



      The Challenge Handmade Tires Team.