• 2017/06/02 Elle Anderson interview
    • Elle Anderson interview Elle Anderson interview

      It’s a few months since the CX season finished.  With a bit of time to reflect on it, how do you feel it went?

      Last 'cross season was great for me in many ways - mentally, emotionally, it was the happiest I've been out of all the 3 seasons I've attempted to race in Europe. Physically, with regard to my fitness and results, there is a lot to be desired. I have a new coach this year and I'm working harder than ever before on my training, technical skills, and cyclocross preparation. 


      What’s been happening since the end of the season?

      Since I left Belgium, I've returned to San Francisco, found a new apartment for the summer, and re-integrated into the office life at Strava headquarters. I work at Strava part-time and fit in my training around work. I've been hitting a lot of base miles and enjoying the plentiful California sunshine. 


      There have been a lot of changes in the Challenge CX range over the past 4 seasons; how have you found them and if you could only ever ride one tread choice again, which one would it be?

      It's been a great process to learn about the new Challenge tire offerings and test them extensively in training and racing. The Dunes were a tread I particularly enjoyed riding this past season. However, my fall-back #1 tire choice is still the trusty Grifo!  


      Do you have any pre-race routines that are important you?

      Number pinning is always the time before the race where I get to sit quietly and focus while keeping my fingers busy. I use this time to set goals and visualize different race scenarios and generally get excited for the race ahead. 


      What are you’re plans for the coming season and is there anything new we should know about?

      Nothing new to report so far! But I couldn't be more excited for the cyclocross season to start. And I know, it's only June...