• 2016/04/15 Introducing Team Edition S
    • Introducing Team Edition S

      Challenge unveils Cyclocross World Championship winning combination of speed, control and durability


      More speed requires more control and, with cyclocross, that control is heavily based on the rider’s connection with the terrain. Working in conjunction with elite athletes, Challenge has developed a new Team Edition S tubular tire line with improved traction, cornering, casing protection and, most important, more speed.
      Changes to the new Team Edition “S” tire line include these three key features:

      • Softer: a proprietary softer compound rubber in the tread improves traction providing more grip on climbs and descents while increasing confidence in corners.
      • Suppler: this new softer compound allows Challenge to tune the tread’s base rubber to both reduce weight and further improve tread flexibility. Combined with 320TPI Corespun Cotton casing and a seamless latex inner tube, the whole tire deforms to create the largest tire patch possible, absorbing every trail imperfection, maximizing traction and eliminating bounce to minimize rolling resistance.
      • Sealed: also included is a special, latex formulated, tread-to-base tape sidewall coating that is applied in a thin coat that improves casing flexibility, prevents water absorption and maintains a brighter appearance.

      The new tires include all the above changes with no sacrifice in durability. The factory-applied sealant binds and seals each cotton thread to keep the entire casing clean and dry, maintaining the lightest weight; a shiny white appearance; improving UV protection; saving you time and money hand-treating the sidewalls with a messy, unhealthy, solvent-based sealant and providing you the longest possible tire life – protecting your investment.
      All these improvements make the tire fast in every condition giving the rider confidence to push to their limit. Just ask these athletes:

      “I rode Worlds with the Team Edition Grifo. Where everyone else had to ride mud tires, the Grifo gave me an excellent amount of grip in the corners due to the perfect balance of sidewall agility and the rubber tire tread. With the Grifo I had an advantage on the road sections. The new Team Edition S are better for handling with low tire pressure and more speed!”
       - Eli Iserbyt, Telenet Fidea, U23 Cyclocross World Champion

      “Over the past seasons I’ve been working with Challenge to get the perfect balance of soft and supple rubber with the new casing on the Team Edition tubulars. I’m confident we’ve done this and the additional grip is noticeable in the corners.  I know that gives me more confidence to push my bike to the limit.”
       - Helen Wyman, Kona, 9X National & 2X European Cyclocross Champion

       “I found the new soft compound tires gave me more grip in the corner with no reduction in straight line speed.”
       - Ellen Van Loy, Telenet Fidea, 4th Overall Elite Women’s Cyclocross World Cup

      “No matter how you prepare or how good you feel, if you aren't on the right equipment it makes it very difficult to stay with or even ahead of the game. Having the softer tire and more supple compound means traction and smooth rolling without compromise. Low pressure without folding over is key to be able to roll fast and stay with the best riders in the race. I get that confidence with the Team Edition tires.”
       - Stephen Hyde, Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld.com, 2nd 2016 US Elite National Cyclocross Championships
      The new Team Edition “S” tires have been in production and are already shipping to distributors worldwide.


      Team Edition “S” Specs 

      Inner tube: Seamless latex, Presta valve with removable valve core
      Puncture protection: PPS (Puncture Protection Strip) belt
      Labeling: new models will have a red Team Edition and a red S stamped on the casing

      Part # Model Type Color (tread/casing) TPI Casing Width MSRP
      10850 Grifo TE "S" Tubular Black/White 320TPI Corespun Cotton 33mm 9.99
      10855 Baby Limus TE "S" Tubular Black/White 320TPI Corespun Cotton 33mm 9.99
      10860 Limus TE "S" Tubular Black/White 320TPI Corespun Cotton 33mm 9.99
      10865 Chicane TE "S" Tubular Black/White 320TPI Corespun Cotton 33mm 9.99
      10870 Dune TE "S" Tubular Black/White 320TPI Corespun Cotton 33mm 9.99