• 2015/01/08 Challenge: the Pros tire selection / Part 1
    • Challenge: the Pros tire selection / Part 1

      These pro tips could help you when discussing the Challenge cyclocross line.
      See the wise tire selection tips from U.S. seasoned pro and coach Adam Myerson
      This year I’ve been on:
      - Chicane
      for fast courses where I still need turning traction.
      for grassy courses (I consider it a grass tire, and it’s amazing for that), sometimes a rear Chicane and front Fango if I need a little more front turning traction if it’s not muddy.
      - Grifo
      for mixed courses (especially if it’s too hard packed for the side knobs to bite and I need a round tire. But it can also be Grifo rear/Fango front for some front traction if it’s soft).
      - Baby Limus 
      for all-around and muddy courses that don’t need pedalling traction, just cornering
      - Limus 
      when it’s really muddy enough that I need pedalling traction over speed."

      Myerson also said that if he really had to choose only one tire to get you through a whole season, he would choose the Baby Limus: It's fast on any terrain but still has bite and is great to shed mud when the days get wet and sloppy.


      Enjoy riding and excel with Challenge Tires!