• 2014/10/06 New sponsorships and cyclocross excitement
    • Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com switches to Challenge

      A team dominant in cyclocross not only for its top results, but for its authority in the discipline in the US, and a team known for its devotion to Dugast, this year made the switch to Challenge Team Edition tires.

      Team manager Stu Thorne, owner of the online retailer Cyclocrossworld.com and the man cyclocross tech media and mechanics go to with questions, took note of the performance advantages that could be gained with Challenge Team Edition Tubulars. While he has turned down many offers from tire sponsors in the past, he welcomed the change to our elite Tubulars.


      Sharing their knowledge with the youth

      Challenge organized a free junior clinic during the Boulder Cup weekend, hosted by two Elite World Championship Medalists, Jonathan Page and Helen Wyman. We were able to reach both kids and parents through this amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


      Be sure to read the great review of the Chicane on VeloNews:

      "I glued these Challenge Chicane tubular tires to the wrong wheelset. In the August heat, as I looked ahead to cyclocross season, I assumed that I wouldn’t like these file tread tires enough to have them on my nicest, carbon fiber-est wheels. I was wrong."
      Read more at http://velonews.competitor.com/2014/09/news/cyclocross/reviewed-challenge-chicane-average-file-tread_347901#rTjsEHrULjHrVt8T.99


      Challenge riders are already taking center stage in the US, China and the Netherlands.

      Providence Cyclocross Festival


      Day 1


      2 Tim Johnson (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com)

      3 Lukas Winterberg (guest riding for Cannondale-CXW.com)


      3 Helen Wyman (Kona)

      6 Kaitlin Antonneau (Cannondale-CXW.com)

      8 Gabby Durrin (Neon Velo)

      9 Crystal Anthony (Optum Pro Cycling)

      10 Emma White (Cyclocrossworld.com Devo Team)



      Day 2


      4 Lukas Winterberg (Guest riding for Cannondale-CXW.com)

      6 Jonathan Page (XcelLed)

      8 Dan Timmerman (Richard Sachs)

      9 Travis Livermon (Mock Orange Bikes Pro CX)


      2 Helen Wyman (Kona)

      4 Arley Kemmerer (PB2)

      7 Kaitlin Antonneau (Cannondale-CXW.com)

      8 Crystal Anthony (Optum Pro Cycling)

      9 Gabby Durrin (Neon Velo)



      Superprestige Geiten


      2 Ellen Van Loy (Telenet-Fidea)

      5 Elle Anderson


      Charm City Cross


      Day 1


      4 Dan Timmerman (Richard Sachs)

      6 Jonathan Page (Fuji)

      7 Mike Garrigan (Van Dessel)


      Day 2


      2 Dan Timmerman (Richard Sachs)

      5 Jonathan Page



      GP Glouchester


      Day 1


      2nd Dan Timmerman (Richard Sachs)

      8th Curtis White (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com)

      10 Tim Johnson (Cannondale-CXW)

      12 Jonathan Page (Fuji)

      13 Jeremy Durrin (Neon Velo)

      15 Dan Chabanov (Richard Sachs)


      1st Helen Wyman (Kona)

      2nd Kaitlin Antonneau (Cannondale-CXW)

      3rd Gabby Durrin (Neon Velo)

      9th Arley Kemmerer (PB2 Pro Cycling



      Day 2


      4th Curtis White (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com)

      6 Jeremy Durrin (Neon Velo)

      8 Dan Timmerman (Richard Sachs)

      11 Mike Garrigan (Can Dessel)

      13 Barry Wicks (Kona)

      15 Tim Johnson (Cannondale-CXW)


      2nd Arley Kemmerer (PB2 Pro Cycling)

      4th Helen Wyman

      5 Kaitlin Antonneau (Cannondale-CXW)

      7 Crystal Anthony (Optum Pro Cycling)

      10 Elle Anderson (KALAS-NNOF)



      QianSen Trophy Cyclocross Yanqing Station

      7 Kenneth Hansen (Neon Velo)


      1 Ellen Van Loy (Telenet-Fidea)

      9 Christine Vardaros





      Tour du Gevaudan


      Stage 1

      4 Christophe Laborie (Bretagne-Seche)