• 2014/08/20 Gravel Grinder 38: for fast, easier gravel ‘grinding’!
    • Gravel Grinder 38: for fast, easier gravel ‘grinding’!

      The word gravel conjures a different image in everyone’s mind. For some it generates visions of graded dirt highways or deteriorating pavement. For others, they might imagine pebble-covered trails or loose, sandy rural roads. At Challenge, we see these visions as missions and hope to provide the rider with the right tire for each condition. While our current gravel offerings address racers' needs on moderate courses, we were eager to find a robust solution for conditions particularly tough on tires.


      With that in mind, join us in welcoming the Gravel Grinder Clincher, and GG Tubular & Open Tubular to our line. The Tubular and Open Tubular will be available in a 36mm width using our legendary 300TPI SuperPoly casing. The vulcanized clincher, intended to be the tool of choice for racers taking on more aggressive conditions, is available in a 38mm width in both 120 and 60TPI nylon casings.


      Challenge has been committed to gravel for longer than the industry has declared gravel as its own segment. As a leader in cyclocross technology for over a decade, we take pride in our experience with skinny, fast tires in the dirt. Since releasing our original gravel tire Almanzo, we have also  added our Double Puncture Protection System (PPS2) to the coming Gravel Grinder 36 Open for additional float, comfort and traction. The Gravel Grinder 38 Clncher also comes with PPS and is even a little wider and more durable. We are committed to leading the charge in gravel and being at the forefront of the technology.


      Challenge Gravel Grinder vulcanized clinchers are available from August and the GG Tubulars and Open Tubulars will be available later in the Fall through international distributors and local retailers.



      Gravel Grinder Specs:

      Handmade 36mm Tubular and Open Tubular

      Casing: 300TPI SuperPoly

      Bead (Open Tubular): Aramid, folding

      Inner tube (Tubular): seamless latex with removable presta valve core

      Puncture protection: PPS2 (Double Puncture Protection System)


      Vulcanized 38mm Clincher

      Casing: Available in both 120TPI and 60 TPI Nylon

      Bead: Aramid, folding

      Puncture protection: PPS (Puncture Protection Strip)