• 2014/08/07 Chicane now available in Team Edition
    • Chicane now available in Team Edition

      Last season, Challenge's Team Edition Grifo and Limus Tubulars wowed the public and world-class cyclocross racers alike with their top-of-the-line supple casings and convenience, thanks to the factory-applied latex coating that eliminates the need to pre-treat new tubulars for wet conditions. For the 2014-15 Cyclocross season, Challenge's Team Edition line will expand to include the Chicane – a tread that revolutionized the concept of a mixed-condition tire with its diamond tread center, aggressive Limus side-knobs and square profile, which enables aggressive cornering traction without drag in a straight line. Chicane was our top-selling CX tread in the USA because it showed the perfect combination of qualities for many US conditions, when you need minimal driving traction but can't sacrifice aggressive cornering: dusty, dry, hardpack, frozen, and grass. When there is little mud to be found, the Chicane is the weapon of choice.

      Feedback from Challenge athletes on the Team Edition casing:

      I found that I was able to ride up many things that other riders weren't, due to the incredible traction I got on every surface I tried them on”

      — 2013 US National Champion, Jonathan Page


      Challenge’s cotton casing really gave me the opportunity to push my limits with cornering. I was able to run lower pressures and my speed was only limited by my own fear — not the tires — and that's a good problem to have.”

      2013 US National Championship silver medalist, Jade Wilcoxson


      Feedback from Challenge athletes on the Chicane tread:

      They give you the best opportunity to get traction in important corners, as well as have the ideal tire for sprinting at the end of a race,”

      — European Champion and 2014 World Champion bronze medalist, Helen Wyman



      Casing: Corespun cotton

      Inner tube: Seamless latex, Presta valve with removable valve core

      Puncture protection: PPS (Puncture Protection Strip) belt

      Suggested pressure: 23-44 psi (1.6-3 bar)


      Please note that cotton tubulars require additional care, as their casings are more delicate than other materials. Though Challenge Team Edition tires come pre-sealed with a light layer of latex, it is important to pay careful attention to wear and re-seal as raw fibers begin to show. Also, avoid heavy scrubbing, direct power washing and cleaning with chemicals or solvents as these can damage the cotton casing. Store them lightly inflated and round in a dry, dark, room-temperature place. Challenge recommends avoiding exposing dry-conditions Team Edition tires to moisture for the best longevity. Proper care of these handmade tires will provide you with many high-performance race days.

      Challenge Chicanes are currently shipping to distributors worldwide.