• 2012/03/21 6 friends on a riding Adventure - 5 Classics all in one week - Stoepid video #1


      March 18-24 follow on www.stoepid.com:

      Bill Strickland - chief editor of Bicycling Magazine USA
      Chris Milliman - photographer
      David Alvarez - of Stoemper Bikes (stoemper.com) Handmade Aluminium & Steel/
      Cyclocross & Road
      Ben Berden - Belgian Cyclocross racer, now racing mostly in the U.S. on
      Stoemper Bikes
      2 Belgian friends of Alvarez

      "It's going to be an experience full of suffering, of course, but it's also going to be about the beauty of misery -- that intersection where, when the cycling is worst, it is also at its best. I think it will also be a story about camaraderie, having fun during hardship, and about the depths and limits of friendship and ... of the product that's being ridden!"

      Riding CHALLENGE Forte 23mm Open Tubulars and Paris-Roubaix 27mm Tubulars.

      StoepidWeek, volume 1 from Stoemper on Vimeo.