• 2014/05/13 Arnaud Gérard and Anthony Delaplace on the Grande Boucle
    • Arnaud Gérard and Anthony Delaplace on the Grande Boucle Arnaud Gérard and Anthony Delaplace on the Grande Boucle

      Bretagne-Séché Environnement is please to announce two new riders for the Tour de France (from 5th to 27 July). Britanny rider Arnaud Gérard and Anthony Delaplace will be there. Both, who have already participated to La Grande Boucle (once for Arnaud,
      three times for Anthony), are joining Armindo Fonseca, Florian Vachon and Eduardo Sepulveda to the line-up.

      Emmanuel Hubert (sport director and manager): “These two riders are part of the foundation of our team and they know the Tour de France. Some other riders have also been reassured but the official line-up will be announce later. Certainly in the end of May, after Bayern Rundfarht. “

      Arnaud Gérard: “I’m very pleased to be part of the Tour de France line-up. I’ve done it once and I kept a very good experience. It’s nice to do it again because it’s the biggest cycling event of the year. Tour de France is followed by millions and millions of people from around the world. I want to well on a few stages as well. It’s interesting to have confirmation now because my program is going to be adapted accordingly. I will do some training in the mountains and races in preparation. I hope to bring my experience to the team because I did four Tours : two Giro, one Vuelta and one Tour de France. So I know how to handle three weeks and do not be dispersed. We have the race but also all small sides to manage. It’s always stressful at first.“

      Anthony Delaplace: “I’m glad to be part of the adventure ! Especially because this is going to be the first Tour de France for Team Bretagne-Séché Environnement. Even though I already experienced it, it’s something special. It’s above all a human adventure.