• 2014/04/13 Team Banco BIC/Carmim/Tavira at Tour du Maroc
    • Team Banco BIC/Carmim/Tavira at Tour du Maroc

      After 10 days in competition on Tour du Maroc, the Portuguese team Banco BIC/Carmim/Tavira came home with five victories in stages, four by Manuel Cardoso, and another one by Daniel Mestre. The green jersey, refering the points classification was also an achieved goal.

      This result was very positive on a very competitive race: “there was a high competitive level in all the stages and was hard to get the victories”, said Manuel Cardoso. “The team work was very important to be able to achieve the goals, I'm very thankful to my partners”, concluded the sprinter of the Portuguese team.

      The last stage of the african race had place yesterday between Rabat and Casablanca, with 120 km. Manuel Cardoso was the faster of the portuguese team, on 3rd position. (Final classification on actualization).