• 2014/04/11 Amore & Vita - Selle SMP: a caccia di nuove sfide in USA
    • Amore & Vita - Selle SMP: a caccia di nuove sfide in USA

      Amore & Vita - Selle SMP flew to Charlotte (USA), where in the next few days will be committed in four spectacular races.

      It starts tomorrow, April 12 with Novant Health Invitational , then on Sunday the team will race the Belmont Criterium, while the next weekend the team will take part to the Winston Salem Classic (UCI 1.2), and the Winston Salem Criterium NCC.


      The athletes selected to participate in these races in North Carolina are seven. Canadian D.S. Phil Cortes chose to line up American sprinter Logan Loader, Italians Antonio Di Battista and Leonardo Pinizzotto, latvian Viesturs Luksevics, Mexican Uri Martins Sandoval and Canadians James Piccoli and Mike Woods. Loader and Di Battista make their return to racing after the serious injuries of the Vuelta Mexico.


      "We are on the hunt for a prestigious success" explains team manager Cristian Fanini .

      "We got very close to it several times up to this point of the season, but in the end we were quite unlucky.

      However, from tough times we always manage to come out strengthened and more determined and of course this is already an important thing. Anyway, it’s pretty clear that we want to bring home an outstanding result for our sponsors . Returning to these races I want to clarify that competing in the States is always exciting, especially for the participation of the people that is just awesome. Then the special atmosphere that you can feel during sporting events in the U.S. is incredible, is almost surreal as it is intense. Definitely is not comparable to any other place in the world, so win would be really cool. We did it many times in the past and satisfaction has always been great, therefore we will do our utmost to do it again. I want thank a lot John Eustice, our former rider in the nineties and today one of the most competent organizers of races in North America, for inviting us . This is a great opportunity for our team Amore & Vita – Selle SMP and our sponsors , we are very excited to be here and we'll try not to disappoint him".