• 2014/03/11 VUELTA MEXICO TELMEX: positive outcome for Amore & Vita - Selle SMP
    • VUELTA MEXICO TELMEX: positive outcome for Amore & Vita - Selle SMP VUELTA MEXICO TELMEX: positive outcome for Amore & Vita - Selle SMP VUELTA MEXICO TELMEX: positive outcome for Amore & Vita - Selle SMP

      The Vuelta Mexico ended in Mexico City after six very hard and engaging stages.

      Despite the misfortune was the real protagonist of the event, it must be said that in the end the outcome for team Amore & Vita - Selle SMP is quite positive.

      In fact the team achieved two times the podium, 3rd place in the 1st and the 5th stage with home rider Uri Martins Sandoval, who won also the final classification ranking of the best Mexican racer , the one of the most aggressive athlete and obtained the 7th position in G.C. We need to remind that also the performances of Leonardo Pinizzotto and Viesturs Luksevics who have raced in full support of Martins, were definitely great.

      The painful part comes, unfortunately, from the rest of the athletes. Logan Loader and Yukinori Hishinuma have crashed during 2nd stage and both suffered serious injuries. The American sprinter Loader has suffered a broken collarbone and scapula, and will be operated this week in San Francisco (USA). He will have to stay away from racing for a minimum of 30 days. The " samurai " Hishinuma instead reported a head and cervical injury, a concussion and got 15 stitches on the right kneecap .

      During the 3rd stage other riders finished " knock out ". Antonio Di Battista, Mike Woods and James Piccoli.

      For all three riders high fever and dysentery.

      The most serious case was definitely that of Antonio Di Battista who had to remain in hospital for several days because suffering from a worrisome form of typhoid fever, Salmonella, and Proteus. Di Battista will have to stay in bed resting for at least 5 weeks.

      Phil Cortes is satisfied with the American trip even if doesn’t hides to be saddened by the unfortunate condition of some athletes.

      It’s been a week with many many ups and downs – explains Cortes - we've seen the podium a few times, we seen the inside of ambulances, hospitals and hotel rooms. We seen a diagnosis for Typhoid Fever, Salmonella, and Proteus...numerous fevers, a lot of diarrea, a broken scapula, a broken collarbone, a stitched up knee. Not to mention a few too many doses of bad luck. Despite all this, we still sit 7th overall and the guys and staff have really learned what it means to stick together as a team during tough times...This may push us back a little bit, but we'll be ready for the next big fight!! Thanks to all my riders and staff for having give all they could.