• 2013/10/11 Guy East represents Challenge in the return of US 6-day racing
    • Guy East represents Challenge in the return of US 6-day racing Guy East represents Challenge in the return of US 6-day racing

      Guy East member of the U.S. national track team and, with his partner, representing Team California, wins the Madison night.

      Team California with Guy East finish 5th overall at the ‘2013 Hollywood Championship Cycling Event’.

      The HCC Event is the first 6-day track race held in the U.S. after more than 60 years!


      Guy East’s Stoemper bike was equipped with Challenge Crono Tubulars on Stoemper Bike.

      Now he’s off to Amsterdam-NL where he races again in another International 6-day race in a few days.


      Six-Day racers from around the globe throw down the rest of the week on the banked walls of the Velo Sports Center Velodrome in Carson, California, in the Hollywood Championship Cycling event. Representing Team California in this, the first 6-day style event since the 1940s, Guy East is salivating to compete in this historic comeback of the event, but the race is a world away from the Tijuana, Mexico resident's daily life.


      The first American to win the European UIV 6-day Talents Cup, East was profoundly impacted by the poverty he witnessed in his travels for racing, and planned to give up his pro cycling career in pursuit of giving back to those in poverty. In the end he found that a pro cycling career was the path to support both himself and those without the means to support themselves.


      East races international 6-days with the Stoemper program, and is only the sixth American since 1930 to compete in the Six-Day of Berlin. Between racing and training he organizes home-building projects with MORE than Sport, organizing building projects with other professional athletes. East aims to organize 50 homes a year built by athletes for the next five years. For indoor tracks, he prefers to race on Challenge Pista 320 tubulars made of 320TPI (Threads Per Inch) Corespun Cotton. For some outdoor tracks, like the one in Fiorenzuola d'Arda, Italy, he chose Challenge Crono tubulars.


      East's next build with MORE than Sport is coming up October 16-19 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and will feature athletes from Optum Pro Cycling, which Challenge also supports.