• 2013/09/25 Starting 'cross season off with a bang
    • Starting 'cross season off with a bang Starting 'cross season off with a bang

      If the first races of the season are any indication, this is going to be a packed cyclocross season for riders on Challenge tires at all levels.

      Challenge chose to support riders for this cyclocross season who share Challenge's core by giving back to development, who are committed development riders, who have developed relationships with Challenge for years and who represent the sport in the best light with energy and enthusiasm.

      Helen Wyman has been racing in the U.S. and hosting unique clinics, that include details of tire and pressure selection. She has also been making the women's fields look like juniors, devouring every race she's entered. She has already racked up a pair of wins on Challenge's new Chicane at Green Mountain Cyclocross, not yet on shelves. She then went on to win both days of Charm City Cyclocross, on Grifo the first day and Limus the second. You can catch more of her adventures in her video blog. Jonathan Page took the win at Charm City on day 1.

      Justin LIndine stood on the first UCI podium in China. Many Challenge athletes attended this historic race, including: E. Silvestri (Italy), M. Hoke (US), A. Dillman (US).

      Challenge juniors took both days of the Trek Cyclocross Collective Cup, with Josey Weik winning U-23 day 1 and Gavin Haley winning U23 day 2. 18-year-old Ellen Noble took top-10s in the Elite field both days.

      The results keep flowing, but more than anything, Challenge is proud to support prominent faces in cyclocross, committed to the future of the sport