• 2013/09/16 Come by and see what's new from Challenge Tires at Interbike
    • We've got a lot to show you at Interbike, with new treads, new casings, added features and updated products. Come visit us at booth 20110. Here are some of the things to come by and check out:



      New products:

      • Chicane: The ideal combination of an ultra-fast-rolling and aggressive-cornering tread will set the standard for cyclocross treads designed for deep grass, dusty and icy conditions

      • Team Edition Grifo and Limus: Our most popular cyclocross treads are now also available to the public with finer, more supple cotton casings

      • Triathlon updates: Challenge Triathlon tubulars and open tubulars now feature PPS2, a double layer of puncture protection and the tubulars are now available in 24mm as well as 22mm, great for those who like to mix widths front and rear

      • Pista expanded: The super-fast Pista track tubulars is now also available in an Open Tubular version in 320TPI Corespun Cotton, perfect for junior track racing with tubular restrictions

      • Crono expanded: The race-day only Crono time trial tubular is now available in 24mm with PPS2 Double Puncture Protection System, and is updated with 320TPI Corespun Cotton casing, in stead of 300TPI SuperPoly

      • Forte expanded: The OE line expands with a 120TPI Forte road clincher


      Product upgrades:

      • Strada: Strada tubulars and open tubulars now with finer and lighter 300TPI casing (was 260TPI)

      • Paris-Roubaix: Tubulars and open tubulars now with PPS2 Double Puncture Protection System and higher-performing 300TPI casing

      • Vulcano: The durable training tire now features PPS Puncture Protection System


      Product size changes:

      • Criterium: Tubular 23mm 320TPI Corespun Cotton (was 22mm)

      • Mirage: Training and amateur racing tubular now 24mm (was 22mm)