• 2013/08/21 Introducing the NEW CHICANE
    • Introducing the NEW CHICANE

      “It feels like it has everything I need from a tire” — Helen Wyman

      Taking cues from existing treads and feedback from professional athletes, Challenge has developed the ultimate tire for most fast cyclocross courses.

      Developed in conjunction with the UCI second-ranked woman in the world, Helen Wyman, and her mechanic and husband, Stefan Wyman, the Chicane is a no-compromises tread pattern, which inspires confidence in loose corners but accelerates rapidly in straightaways.

      “They give you the best opportunity to get traction in important corners as well as have the ideal tire for sprinting at the end of a race,” Wyman gushed after winning the European championships on the prototypes.

      Extensive race testing at the top of the World Cup has proven this tire's exceptional performance on dry courses with loose dust, sandy or grassy courses and on ice.

      "Once we began prototyping the product it became even clearer how many racers had been craving this very tire,” commented Alex Brauns, owner and Challengetech factory manager. “It suits the predominant conditions in many of the world's cyclocross hotbeds better than anything else on the market."

      Challenge has a unique approach to prototyping thanks to in-house production at the Challengetech factory, which enables a greater deal of creativity with new materials and tread patterns. “Developing this tire allowed us to take true advantage of that fact,” Brauns continued, “literally assembling options individually and putting elite Challenge-supported racers on them to test in the World Cup until we found the perfect design."

      Challenge Chicane tires will be available this Autumn first in Tubular version, then later in Open Tubular.

      Specs Chicane 33mm:

      Casing: 300TPI SuperPoly

      Inner tube: Seamless latex, Presta valve with removable valve core

      Puncture protection: PPS (Puncture Protection Strip) belt

      Suggested pressure: 23 - 44 psi, 1.6 - 3 bar