• 2013/05/31 Challenge riders sport the stars and stripes across four disciplines
    • Challenge is over the moon to support riders on their paths to winning elite U.S. national championships across four cycling disciplines in 2013, claiming stars and stripes with four different models of tires.

      Our highest-performing tires have supported U.S. national victories this year in road, time trial, triathlon and cyclocross, and we are proud to support Jade Wilcoxson, Tom Zirbel, Meredith Kessler and Jonathan Page in their championship-winning rides.

      Jade Wilcoxson took the elite women's road U.S. national title last weekend in a solo breakaway on 25mmStrada tubulars, in front of teammate Lauren Hall, who placed second on the fast and supple Strada tubulars.

      Tom Zirbel donned the stars and stripes after posting the fastest men's time trial time on a road bike with aero bars and Crono S.C. tubulars in 22mm front and 24mm rear for the ideal balance of aerodynamics and low rolling resistance.

      Meredith Kessler crushed the St. George field to take the 70.3 U.S. Pro title the first weekend in May on fast-rolling 22mm Triathlon tires.

      In January, Jonathan Page took on the frozen ruts and slick conditions in Madison, Wisconsin to secure his fourth national title on the world's most aggressive mud tires, 33mm Limus.

      Challenge tires have a deep history and the professional-level handmade tubulars produced in our own factory have been the fastest tires on the road and cyclocross for decades, but the company's focus on R&D continues to up the ante for the world's fastest tires in triathlon, mountain bike, gravel, track, road and the most aggressive cyclocross treads in the world.