• 2013/07/22 Athlete and media update
    • Challenge triathletes posted great results this weekend. Meredith Kessler won the Lake Stevens 70.3 in her second consecutive win after a major accident. She has recovered well from her concussion at Eagleman and we are delighted to see her back at it. After the race she posted to Twitter, "The silent assassins of & do it again on the bike - tough to see but propelling the bike!"

      Luke Bell was second in the men's race and another Challenge athlete, Kate Bevilaqua, was third in the women's pro race.

      Challenge's prolific past was brought to light on Cyclocross Magazine yesterday, as well. 1975 Cyclocross world champion Roger de Vlaeminck's bike was profiled, featuring Challenge Grifo XS tubulars, recalling how long our tires have been at the top of the sport.

      Gravel Grinder News put out their thoughts after the first rides on Challenge Strada Bianca tires: "The ride of these tires is smooth, just like we found with the Almanzo Open 30′s. The casing is supple and mutes almost all high frequency vibrations and isolates the rider from the sharpness of expansion cracks and rough chip seal."


      Check out the Gravel Grinder News first impressions of the Strada Bianca here