• 2013/04/19 Jade Wilcoxson Opens Sea Otter Classic With Her First Win of the Season
    • Jade Wilcoxson Opens Sea Otter Classic With Her First Win of the Season

      Optum pb KBS' Jade Wilcoxson returned to the winner's circle for the first time in 2013 today in the opening stage criterium of the Sea Otter Classic. Joined by just one other teammate, Amber Gaffney, on the infamous Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, the Optum p/b KBS duo outdueled the other teams to deliver Jade to the finish with a clear victory. Wilcoxson, who jumped into 2013 without a break from her standout 2012 road and cross season, continues to impress as she also took 3 of the 4 sprints during the stage. She holds a 7 second lead over 2nd placed Heather Fischer (Exergy TWENTY16) and has a 9 point lead in the sprint competition.

      Tomorrow's road race will be a challenge for the pair to control the race against the teams with larger numbers. However Jade appear to be on god form at the moment.


      Stay tuned for more updates as the weekend progresses.

      Wilcoxson came close to a win last week following the double weekend of the Charlotte Criterium and Noda Grand Prix in North Carolina. Just beaten to the line, Jade grabbed 2nd at the Noda Grand Prix while teammates Brianna Walle and Janel Holcomb finished up 6th and 8th. The day before, at one of America's biggest and longest running criteriums, the Optum p/b KBS women battled to 4th and 5th following a late race move, that featured the team's top sprinter Joelle Numainville, which didn't quite make it to the finish.