• 2013/04/04 Miguel Martinez is back - FRM Factory Racing Team
    • Miguel Martinez is back - FRM Factory Racing Team

      Sunday was raced the first round of the MTB French Cup in St. Rafael, Costa Azzurra, on one of the toughest and most technical tracks on the international calendar.
      FRM Factory racing team was present almost complete (only Elena Gaddoni was resting) to gain experience in international competitions, grow with the young members of the team, and the debut of Miguel Martinez.
      Miguel starti racing again after 4 years of inactivity, and shows a lean body, a great peace of mind and his old "competition hunger".
      Miguel was kidding with everybody up to 2 minutes to start (great reception by french fans and journalists since Friday) then he changed thying to find the right concentration.
      No one knows what goes into the head of an Olympic champion 13 years after the gold victory, when he choose to back in the game.
      Miguel discovered that the bike is his life and he needs to live the race ... even at 37 years old.
      At the beginning Martinez is queued just after Absalon, Tampie and Marote (monsters of the current MTB) and turning back time Miguel starti fighting, having fun -as if his career never stopped- under the astonished eyes of all present.
      At the end Martinez finished 4th but the result does not matter: the important thing is that he fought with top racers, having fun durino all trails, showing an infinite style!
      Welcome back Miguel! FRM will do everything possible (even more) to contribute to your projects!