• 2013/04/07 Haga Keeps Yellow Following Stage 3 of Redlands Bicycle Classic; Numainville Sprints For 2nd.
    • Haga Keeps Yellow Following Stage 3 of Redlands Bicycle Classic; Numainville Sprints For 2nd.

      The Optum p/b KBS Men’s and Women’s team continued their fight for overall victory at Redlands Bicycle Classic. The Men’s team continues their defense of the leaders jersey despite only having a six man team, capturing intermediate sprint bonuses to gain a second on Mancebo, heading into the final hilly stage. Following a very aggressive race by the Optum p/b KBS women’s team, Joelle Numainville captures second to race leader, and stage winner Allison Powers. Coming in to the final stage, the Optum p/b KBS women’s team will look to keep Brianna Walle on the podium.


      Jonas Carney Race Report


      Today was stage three of the Redlands Classic…a 90 minute criterium in downtown Redlands.

      Chad Haga started the day in yellow, 4 seconds ahead of Mancebo from Kenda. Tom Zirbel was in third overall.

      With a 3-2-1 time bonus half way through the race, having a small team, and assuming that Mancebo would go for the bonus, we decided to make the other teams do the work and we could focus on the bonus. We would have preferred that the bonus was gobbled up by a breakaway, but if someone else wanted to keep it together, Haga would have to sprint with the help of Alex Candelario and Scott Zwizanski. Other than that, our plan was to stay out of trouble and let the other teams battle for the stage.

      Kenda took control right away and it was obvious they wanted the bonus. But Cando led out Haga, and Chad was able to finish second in the bonus behind Luis Amaran from Jamis who is now 19 seconds down on GC. Chad picked up one second on Mancebo to increase his lead to 5 seconds going into tomorrow.

      The guys all finished safely and we enter the final stage, the brutal Sunset Loop, with 1st and 3rd on GC. It will be a really tough day and keeping the yellow jersey will be extremely difficult.



      Rachel Heal Race Report

      With tomorrows sunset circuit race providing the opportunity to shake up the GC, the aim for today was a stage win, as well as working for the green points jersey for Brie. For the first half of the race we planned to sit tight and let NOW defend, and then be super aggressive and see if we could get a break away. With help from the team Brie picked up points in the first 2 intermediate sprints and then Jade launched off the front staying clear for a few laps before being caught and immediately Denise countered, Denise built up a maximum gap of around 15seconds, and at one point it was looking that she might stay clear, but with 5 to go she was reeled back in, and we were heading for a sprint. Joelle took a well fought 2nd place to yellow jersey Alison Powers.

      Tomorrow will be a tough stage and we have plenty of cards to play so we’re looking forward to making a hard of race it!

      Rachel Heal