• 2013/04/02 A Look at the Barry Roubaix Open Women Winner’s Foundry Auger
    • A Look at the Barry Roubaix Open Women Winner’s Foundry Auger

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      The night before the Barry Roubaix 62-mile gravel race, Mackenzie Woodring seemed to be relaxed, but it was clear that agitation was constantly threatening to surface. The first race of the season is always tough, a 62-mile race with tubular tires was a gamble, and Woodring wanted the win.


      The next morning though, she was feeling confident. Her new sponsor, Foundry, had supplied her with a customized Foundry Auger (reviewed in Cyclocross Magazine Issue 20) and with a weight of a mere 15.9 lbs fully built, it was built for speed. The geometry, she explained, wasn’t just for cyclocross. It was designed with gravel racing in mind, so the geometry was a bit less aggressive than a standard cyclocross bike, which fit Woodring’s intentions for the bike perfectly. She elected to stick with cantilever brakes, eschewing disc brakes, though Foundry only offers disc models for the Auger model available on their website. The brushed carbon blended deceptively into the sea of bikes at the start line, but once the whistle blew, it was one of the first to take off.


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