• 2013/03/25 Challenge Tires quickly becoming a leader in gravel tires
    • Gravel racing is captivating riders worldwide and Challenge took note, adding volume and aggressive treads to the road line. Thus far, the enthusiastic feedback from the gravel racing community has been overwhelming.


      After the excitement generated by Challenge's high-volume 25mm Strada and 27mm Paris-Roubaix Road tires, the company addressed gravel racing — popular from the Strade Bianche in Tuscany right up to the Almanzo-100 in Minnesota — with extra volume, traction, good rolling, comfort and durability.


      With the same reliable tread as the Strada and the Paris-Roubaix but double the puncture protection (2x PPS), the 30mm Eroica is the perfect tool, with great rolling, to take on the white gravel of the strada bianca. Challenge has also added the aggressive 30mm Almanzo, which again employs the double-puncture protection strip (2x PPS), based on the popular ‘cross file tread the Grifo XS, to produce a tire up to the task of demanding gravel grinds.


      Challenge's gravel line stands apart from the competition in the quality of supple, locally-sourced natural rubbers and latex, which avoid the toughening vulcanization process and provide the smooth ride that only a handmade tire can, easing vibrations on rough terrain.


      The gravel line is available in classic black with tan sidewall or all black.


      More supple and with better rolling and traction than the other options on the market, look to Challenge to supply grip for your next grind on the gravel !