• 2013/02/04 Team3M applauded on Velofollies
    • Team3M applauded on Velofollies Team3M applauded on Velofollies Team3M applauded on Velofollies

      It was amazing to see the group of spectators at Velofollies grow, during the presentation of Team3M on the main stage. Hundreds of people stood there to watch the full show of around 40 minutes. Family, friends and a lot of fans were applauding the Continental riders, the Under23 team and the staff when they were being interviewed by Dirk Meulders.

      It was really impressive to see how engaged the audience was. And of course to see Team3M more complete than ever. With 33 riders, in their official outfit, with their bikes, just Wow! The team is of course a development team. So a ‘large audience’ presentation is also good for the development. But many people who were watching this, got impressed and asked if this was really ‘just’ another continental team.

      Team3M also caught the eye of many journalists. The amount of flashlights was huge and also the number of interviews of the individual riders was high. In the week after dozens of articles were published on Team3M, its vision, ambition and approach and of course its riders.

      After Velofollies another press conference was organized at the headquarters of 3M Netherlands, for the Dutch press. Another well attended event, with even national TV-coverage. 

      Now these ceremonies are over and the rides can get back on their bikes to train for the first races at the end of February.