• 2013/01/15 Challenge represents in national championship podiums around the world
    • Challenge riders around the world mounted 320tpi team edition casing tubulars for their respective national championship races, and their results show that the tread did its job.


      The weekend's most notable wins came from Jonathan Page, who became the U.S. elite men's champion for the fourth time, but the first time in eight years and Ian Field, who snatched the elite men's British title. The prodigy Logan Owen also scored his eighth consecutive U.S. junior championship. Kenneth Hansen took top honors on Challenge tires in Denmark, Mariusz Gil did so in Poland, and Christian Helmig in Luxembourg.


      Challenge riders populated podiums all weekend. 22-year-old Zach McDonald slayed a field of American cycling giants on a course that put his technical prowess to the test to take second place in the elite men's U.S. championship. A major crash prevented Helen Wyman from defending an eighth straight British championship, but despite bent bars and a wrecked brake lever she still took the second podium slot. Jade Wilcoxson surprised the entire country with her elite women's silver medal on a super technical course in her first year of cyclocross.


      We at challenge are flabbergasted by the outstanding efforts our riders put forth, and are so proud to have been able to provide the grip needed to rail those corners where others couldn't. Check out the full listing of podium results on Challenge tires from cyclocross national championships around the world, and details of tire choice and pressure.


      United States


      Jonathan Page (elite men) — Limus

      “Those were seriously good tires! I the Limus for my speed through the corners. I was NEVER out of control! Amazing!”

      Yannick Eckmann: Cal Giant (U23 men)

      Logan Owen: Redline (elite junior 17-18)

      Kari Studley: Redline (singlespeed women)


      Second place

      Jade Wilcoxson: Optum (elite women)

      “My bike was so gunked up with mud that I couldn’t shift into my big ring, so it was a little ring sprint. All week on the track I’ve been hating this cadence, 120 rpms! But I had to use it today. Everybody — even people on my team — were, like, ‘What the hell? Where did she pull that out off?’ It was just one of those days where things just clicked.”

      Andrew Dillman: Bob's Red Mill (U23 men)


      Third place

      Tobin Ortenbald: Cal Giant (U23 men)


      Fourth place

      Skyler Trujillo: Boo (U23 men) — Limus

      “Ran the Limus Team Edition in an epic mudfest, those meats are tough to beat!”


      Fifth place

      Adam Myerson (men's singlespeed)




      Ian Field (elite men) — Limus 15 psi

      “I have found I can run the Challenge Tires much softer than the Dugasts of last year without suffering from punctures, its a great advantage to have over my competitors. I finished with what I started which was 15 psi which is absolutely nothing but it seemed to work. I had super muds on as well, Challenge Limus and they were really good when it was slippery, perfect really. I was able to find traction where others couldn't! They really helped in the defence of my title.”



      Helen Wyman: Kona (elite women) — Limus 18 psi

      “I’ve had a good run, 7 years is great.  I’ve enjoyed it, I’ll miss it, but a part of me also feels like some pressure is removed.  I’ve got a lot of races still left in the season and I hope I can get a result or two to give people something to cheer.  With sponsors around me like Kona and Challenge I can now move forward, with confidence and enjoy what has already been the best season of my career.”



      Hugo Robinson (men's U23) — Lumus 20 psi rear and Grifo 18psi front

      “Tires were awesome. I had a limus on the back for extra grip on some muddy climbs and a grifo front for speed. Conditions worsened during race and I switched to a full limus setup. 18psi front 20psi rear. It was a close race with a group of 6 of us at the front of the race for the first few laps. With attacks coming and going the group would split then regroup. However with 2 laps to go I could no longer go with the attacks and the group split. I am really happy with my performance as a first year U23 and look forward to winning it in future years.”




      Kenneth Hansen (elite men)



      Joachim Parbo (elite men) — Grifo XS and Grifo and just returned from injury two weeks ago

      “Got 4th today at the Danish National Cyclocross Championship. I suppose after my long injury and absence from racing, that the last 5 weeks of hard training was a bit more than my body was ready to take. Today, I just did not have that last gear... Now, I have two weeks to get it right until Kings CX in Cincinnati.”




      Mariusz Gil (elite men)




      Christian Helmig (elite men)




      Michael Schweizer (U23 men)



      Yannick Mayer (U23 men) — Fango 33

      “5th place for me at U23 men championship in Germany. It was a hard race, perfect for the Fango 33! Other Challenge rider and defending champion Michael Schweizer finished 4th. So last year we were 1st and 2nd, this year we had bad luck. Thanks Challenge Tires for your support!”




      Isaac Suarez Fernandez (elite men)


      Japan (December 9):


      Ayako Toyooka (elite women)


      Props also to Tom van den Bosch, who fought back from last place after a hard crash to finish 11th on Grifo XS 32 in Belgium.

      “The track was in frozen conditions because of the cold weather. I am happy I could ride these tires.
In the sand it was the best choise and the profile of the tire made that I could get a lot of speed on the road parts too.
Thanks for supporting me with these incredibles tires!”