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Privacy Statement according to the EU Regulations 2016/679

Addressed to our Suppliers and Customers


Brewo Srl recognizes the importance of privacy, security and data protection to our customers and partners worldwide.

This Privacy Statement informs you of our privacy practices, of the choices you can make and rights you can exercise in relation to your personal data, including information that may be collected and interactions you have with Brewo Srl.

This Privacy Statement has been drafted according to the EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council dated 27/04/2016 (GPR) and is subject to possible amendments that will be promptly communicated.

Data Controller

The company Brewo Srl (VAT nr. IT12268330151) with legal seat in 20149 Milan, via G. Silva 36, and operational headquarter in 54038 Montignoso (MS), Via Petracci 13, Phone: + 39 (0585) 821296, email:, is the data controller.

Personal data sourcing

We only collect personal data for the purposes described at the time of collection such as the purchase of our products or for additional compatible purposes in accordance with law.

We use the following personal data:

  • Personal data of the Company’s Legal Representative

  • Full name, place and date of birth, permanent and/or temporary address, Tax ID number, email address, phone number

  • Billing and accounting data in accordance with law and for the legitimate purposes of operating our business

We do not use or process personal data related to criminal punishments and penalties (Article 9 and 10 Reg. EU 2016/679).


Your personal data are processed where a) you have given your consent for your personal data processing b) your data are necessary for a contract execution or a legal fulfilment obligation; c) for our legitimate purposes such as the protection of our rights.

More specifically, your personal data are processed for the following purposes:

  • To finalise and provide the service or supplies you requested

  • For additional purposes in accordance with law, to protect our legal rights, to provide assistance for the settlement of disputes

Your personal data and your email address in particular, can be used with prior consent for promotional offers related to services or products provided by our Company.


Your personal data will not be transferred to third parties except in the following cases, in which we could transfer your data only with your consent or in accordance with Law:

  • To our external consultants, specifically appointed as responsible for data processing, accounting and fiscal aspects related to the business

  • To our network administrator

  • To our technicians and collaborators to obtain any authorization necessary to the execution of a contract or service.


Any information you provide will not be transferred outside the EU.


We utilize reasonable and appropriate physical, technical, and administrative procedures to safeguard the information we collect and process.

We ask our service suppliers to protect personal data against unauthorized use or disclosure.


We retain data as required or permitted by law and while the data continues to have a legitimate business purpose, unless the data is retained for a longer period for additional compatible purposes in accordance with law.


We provide you with reasonable access along with the ability to review, correct, amend or delete the personal data you have shared with us.


You have the right to obtain the personal data you provide with your consent, to withdraw any consent previously granted or to request correction, amendment, restriction, identification removal or deletion of your personal data. In detail, you have the right to:

  • Withdraw any consent previously granted. However, any failure to provide or revoke personal data collected or other personal data requested in the chord of the contractual relationship, may make it impossible for our Company to establish and / or continue, in whole or in part, the contractual relationship (i.e. follow up with pre-contractual requests) subject to the processing of your personal data in some circumstances

  • Request correction, amendment, restriction of your personal data

  • Obtain a copy of the personal data you provided with your consent

  • Object to the processing of your personal data when we are using your data for direct marketing or to create a marketing profile.


To exercise your rights, or if you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Statement, or our collection and use of your data you can contact the Data Controller at the address mentioned above.

You also have the right to contact directly the Italian data privacy supervisory authority – Garante per la protezione dei dati personali, headquartered in Piazza di Monte Citorio 121-00186 Rome, ph.+39 06 696771 – email:, certified email: protocollo@pec.gpdp.