1985 Italian cycling trading company Brewo Italia, owned by Max Brauns, begins selling and servicing many Italian cycling component brands, including Clément brand of tires, worldwide.

1990 Italian tubular tire brands Vittoria and Clément move to Thailand.

1998 The factory supplying Brewo tubular tires in Thailand closes.

1999 Max Brauns goes to Thailand to buy and re-construct the tubular factory machinery so that he can continue supplying his valued customers worldwide.

2003 After failing to reach a licensing agreement with Pirelli for use of the Clément trademark, Max and his son Alessandro, create their own brand Challenge to produce and sell tubulars and open tubulars.

2005 Original molds for the world famous Grifo (Cyclocross), Criterium and Paris-Roubaix (Road), Crono (TT) and Pista (Track) are joined by new, innovative tread designs like Grifo XS (Cyclocross) and Strada (Road). Liberty-Seguros Pro Cycling Team races on Challenge tubulars.

2006 Challenge creates an innovative process to produce the world’s first seamless latex inner tube. Erwin Vervecken wins the Cyclocross World Championships on Challenge.

2007 Challenge introduces the Forte (Road) and Triathlon (TT/Triathlon) tires. Erwin Vervecken wins the Cyclocross World Championships on Challenge.

2008 Challenge introduces the Fango cyclocross tire.

2009 Challenge focuses on expanding Open Tubular range by releasing Forte, Triathlon and Fango with Open Tubular construction making these elite level clinchers more available.

2010 Paris Roubaix Open Tubular introduced. Zdenek Štybar wins the Cyclocross World Championships on Challenge.

2011 Challenge introduces the aggressive Limus cyclocross tire. RadioShack Pro Cycling Team races on Challenge tires.

2012 Challenge creates the first tire specifically for racing on dirt roads, Strada Bianca, named after the famous white roads of Tuscany. Challenge also introduces their first MTB tubular, MTB One. Following the passing of company patriarch Max Brauns, Alex Brauns and his sister, Simona, take over the full running of the factory and office.

2013 Challenge develops the double Puncture Protection System (PPS2) technology and introduces second Gravel racing tire, Almanzo, named after and licensed by the famous Minnesota 100 mile race. Challenge celebrates the crowning of five U.S. National Champions in five different cycling disciplines in the same year – Road, TT, Cyclocross, Triathlon and Criterium.

2014 Challenge introduces the new fast rolling Chicane cyclocross tire and makes the 320TPI Corespun Cotton casing Team Edition Grifo and Limus tires available to the public.